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After the 140 character tweet, Twitter is in action with the release of its new video sharing iPhone application which enables you to record single shot and multi-shot six second videos with the tap and release of your finger.

After the launch of the third pillar of the Facebook Ecosystem last week, Twitter could no longer resist and yesterday it introduced a unique iPhone application, Vinethat focuses on short looping videos where your friends can watch, like and comment as well.

Twitter’s Vine

After 140 character tweet, now it’s Vine all the way

Now easily capture the best or the funniest few seconds of your life. Vine is a video sharing application and it’s kind of mixed version of Instagram and YouTube where you can share, like and you can also explore by hash tags. It allows you to construct a six second video and lets you create a clip that can be a single shot and multi-shots. Posts on Vine seem to be the shorter form of something huge.

Twitter’s Vine

How to use Vine on Twitter- Steps to follow

  • You can login using your current twitter account or email address
  • If you choose to login with Twitter, you will be able to access the app via twitter account
  • Sign up by adding your name, profile image and bio to create your Vine profile
  • When linked, the information on Vine is similar to the Twitter
  • Now create your first Vine post
  • Tap your screen and then release to take multi screen shots
  • Now share your video on Vine, Twitter or Facebook
  • Then displays a timeline which is similar to Instagram interface
  • You can  explore through Editor’s pick, popular vines that are posted and its other services
  • Explore by different Hash tags
  • The clips on the timeline Auto play when you scroll down your screen to see more short videos
  • You can find people friends on Vine, Twitter and Facebook and add them

Twitter’s Vine

Compile multiple shots into one, makes sharing so easy!

You won’t find any stop or press buttons on this application. There is a progress bar on the top while you are taking video. Just tap, hold and release which enable you to create different screens and you are able to see the progress bar moving until your 6 seconds are done and then you can share them on Vine, Twitter and Facebook as well.

Twitter’s Vine

What’s more in stock? Another amazing thing about this iPhone Application Development is that it has an Auto play feature as you scroll down to see the next video and it begins playing.

Using this application is very simple although it’s not good news for the Android users as this unique and amazing app is available for free on App store.

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