How to develop an eCommerce website in Joomla?

eCommerce Store With Joomla CMS

Looking for a platform to sell products or services online? Joomla is the most powerful web developer tool that lets you create a true eCommerce store where you can easily make quick changes, update, add and delete information with the help of a simple back end and/or front-end interface. It includes a complete set of amazing features that allows you to effectively manage your website which results into increasing sales.

It’s not necessary to have the technical skills to develop your own website but the decisions you make have to be accurate while choosing the right CMS like Joomla that offers thousands of extensions and designs.

How to chose Joomla Template that fits your business need?

To build your own Joomla eCommerce website firstly you should have a clear view of your site’s organization and navigation. Every business in the online world is unique and different from the others and to maintain that uniqueness, template is greatly responsible to show what your business is all about.

So what are the criteria for creating a good business template?

  • Must have unique and suitable design
  • Must be well coded and light weight
  • Must be Mobile Optimized

On the web you will find a number of professional Joomla Templates that also works with the latest versions of Joomla i.e Joomla 2.5 and 3. There are also free and paid templates available that can be used for your online store design. But let tell me you that the premium templates include some extra features. Joomla Developers can also create custom templates (themes) and produce the desired effect by changing fonts, colors, typography and more as per your requirement. They also offer support desk, remove bugs or add features.

What is the Next Step?

Choosing suitable Joomla extensions for your website is the next step. Some of the must have extension are listed as below:

News Display

This tool can be beneficial to your website for providing or announcing important news with regards to your products or client.

Contact Forms:

This is a must for any website especially an enterprise or business website. This extension enables you to connect to your clients easily and quickly.

Multimedia Display

Lets you integrate images and videos into your website.


Through this extension you can easily attract new customers as well as do advertising on your website.


FAQ allows you to answer questions asked by the clients promptly.


In this section you can receive feedbacks, ask questions, solving critical issues of the client and more related to your business.


Your client can visit your website from anywhere in the world. If your business website displays only one or limited languages, your business is likely to suffer. So every business must have an effective language extension.

Like the ones that have been mentioned, there are number of extensions that help you build a solid foundation for your website that would result in increasing the conversion rate and driving more sales.


To create custom templates and extensions that fit in your business objectives and for a guaranteed complete protection of information of your eCommerce web page, it is advisable to approach an experienced Joomla Web Development company who will easily understand your needs and expectations in creating an eCommerce website that is professional, aesthetic and mirrors your business in an effective manner.

The above mentioned points are my initial thoughts on how to build an eCommerce website in Joomla. I hope this article was beneficial to you and I also wish you success in whatever business you do!

And yes do not forget to leave your comments below!


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