Hirephp’s Agile Methodology for a Successful OsCommerce Online Store Development

Hire OsCommerce Developer

OsCommerce is a feature-rich, open source and secure shopping cart solutions for online merchants. It allows the shop owners to easily administer each and every element of their store with absolutely no cost or license fee involved.

Hirephp follows an agile methodology which is employed in all the OsCommerce projects and has played a key role in the company’s success. Hirephp offers high-quality and efficient eCommerce solutions as per business requirements of the Customers. This Simple but efficient methodology includes some important steps:

  • Proper Analysis of your requirements is done first. Then taking into account all of your current business goals and objectives, a Primary OsCommerce solution Draft is prepared that can considerably enhance your business.
  • Once the draft is ready, there is a Detailed Discussion about different parts of the proposed solution. Depending on the size, complexity level and requirements of your project, a Development Proposal is created which includes price quotation, estimated project completion time frame and T& C of our services.
  • You are offered a Legal NDA Agreement which is a customer development contract which includes the scope of the project and the roles of the two parties- Client (yourself) and Developer.
  • After you sign the contract, you are assigned an OsCommerce Developer who will be under a Project Manager.
  • Project Plan will be prepared that will help you manage your workload, marketing campaigns, etc. Once the plan is approved by you, the development processed can be commenced. Also a Test Plan will be proposed with the Project Plan which shows the testing methodology that will be used to ensure that the client’s new or existing store fulfills the specific requirements.
  • The Project Manager controls the entire development process and a QA Engineer is also involved in every step of development to ensure everything is being done as per the requirements of the client. The PM will be in regular touch with you via MSN, Gtalk, Skype etc. and will be reporting you the daily updates about your project
  • After the development process is completed, the QA engineer will properly test the website as per the Test Plan. Once it passes the test and with the confirmation that all Your Requirements Have Been Satisfied After Review, we will upload the online store to your web server and configure it properly.
  • Project completion is not “The end”. You are also offered the advantages of OsCommerce Maintenance Service that keeps your online store healthy.

Hirephp believes in creating long terms business relationships with clients from all across the globe by offering affordable, quality solutions and delivers you 100% guaranteed results on time. Hire OsCommerce Developer that can dedicatedly work on your new OsCommerce Project or Contact us to get started instantly.


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