How was the Road Way to HTML 5 created?

HTML5 is like reinventing of the web and developers love HTML 5 as they have to develop only one application which can be shared instantly and can be deployed faster. The user experience is getting better and better. There’s a lot of HTML 5 being integrated with native applications these days.

The True Beginning

The true beginning of HTML5 was in the year 2004 where a Workshop was conducted on Web based application and Compound Documents that was focused on the future of Web Application. Although W3C had made its decision to continue working with XHTML 2.0, a group of developers from Apple, Mozilla and Opera proposed evolving HTML 4 by adding support for Web applications. Although the proposal was rejected, the group felt that their goals were the right direction for the web and they formed the Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (WHATWG) and begin the work on what would become HTML5. Continue reading