Open Source Tools for Getting Relatively Complicated Website Up & Running Quickly

Websites are turning out to be an indispensible element for any business. Either small or large whatsoever is size of your business, having website makes a true difference. To assist the process of web development, open source tools to create and deploy them are readily available and easy to use. WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are well known open source platform that have served millions of businesses to come up with truly elegant business websites.

CMS Web Development

Open source communities are sweating day and night to offer number of tools that works together when the need of complicated website arises. So called modules, extensions and plugins are released as a set of enhancement to simplify the process of web site development. Continue reading


Explore The Ecommerce Secrets For A Successful And Powerful Online Store

You may have the key in your pocket that opens the treasure box of your online business needs but still hunting for the right one for the key to unlock the online mysteries. The growth and prosperity of your business lie in the set of tools you choose. There are four popular open source eCommerce platforms that provide flexibility, great features, functionality, content management and an outstanding look to your online shop. Now lets see how these eCommerce platforms play an important role in accomplishing an everlasting online identity. Continue reading

Check Out The Harmful Effects Which Slows Down The Performance Of WordPress Website

WordPress is doubtless the foremost in style content management system within the world. However the recognition has additionally attracted therefore me criticism from several consultants and a few ‘not so experts’. Search the net and you’d stumble upon several false claims or rather myths regarding WordPress with very little clarification and proof. In reality, these area unit nothing, however exaggerated conception regarding the favored content management system. Let’s take a glance at some in style myths which could have undoubtedly opened your eyes once you initial detected them.

WordPress platform

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Hire An Expert PHP Development Company To Let Your Business Touch The Sky

For all businessmen, the most significant thing is to possess an internet presence if they want their business to achieve great heights and to fulfill your business obligations hiring a PHP Development Company who can provide the best work at competitive rates for producing a business website would be the ideal choice.

Look for specialized and skilled developers

If you are looking for a PHP developer, hire a certified and specialized developer. Make sure that he has wide experience about different technologies that are essential for your project so that you get some additional edges.

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Tips To Hire Veteran Php Programmers with Off-the-Shelf solutions to meet Atypical Business Needs

Essence of php can be felt in almost each and every corner of the web. It has vigorously stormed the market of web development and has highly streamlined the methods by which bespoke websites are developed. Being open source in nature, PHP not only reduces your overall development cost but also offers your business a crucial thrust necessary in today’s competitive world. Business of any size and nature can be easily benefited with the use of PHP and its custom applications in most secure and inexpensive way. Continue reading

How was the Road Way to HTML 5 created?

HTML5 is like reinventing of the web and developers love HTML 5 as they have to develop only one application which can be shared instantly and can be deployed faster. The user experience is getting better and better. There’s a lot of HTML 5 being integrated with native applications these days.

The True Beginning

The true beginning of HTML5 was in the year 2004 where a Workshop was conducted on Web based application and Compound Documents that was focused on the future of Web Application. Although W3C had made its decision to continue working with XHTML 2.0, a group of developers from Apple, Mozilla and Opera proposed evolving HTML 4 by adding support for Web applications. Although the proposal was rejected, the group felt that their goals were the right direction for the web and they formed the Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (WHATWG) and begin the work on what would become HTML5. Continue reading

Twitter’s Vine Finally Hits The iOS App Store

After the 140 character tweet, Twitter is in action with the release of its new video sharing iPhone application which enables you to record single shot and multi-shot six second videos with the tap and release of your finger.

After the launch of the third pillar of the Facebook Ecosystem last week, Twitter could no longer resist and yesterday it introduced a unique iPhone application, Vinethat focuses on short looping videos where your friends can watch, like and comment as well. Continue reading